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Rules for an effective business card?

A business card is the very first impression of your business that you can have on a potential client. It is the first thing that they will probably see when meeting with you face to face. Whether its colour or a black and white card look you are going for, the number of sales will definitely be expected to increase just by using them. Some businesses simply cant operate without them and that includes us at LabelSA.

Here is our best tips and practices of a successful selling business card:

  • Only include the most important information
  • Make sure that the card is legible and easy to read
  • Get them professionally printed with LabelSA so that you can get noticed
  • Design is important to attract the client market for your business
  • Less will always be more!

A business card is an extension of your business and what you stand for, your first impression might also be your only one. Whether you’re using business cards in you promotional mix or just considering it for the very first time, they could be the reason your business sales increase. At LabelSA we provide you with the ability to order minimum quantities of products so that you can test it and see if it works for you, before investing a large some of money into it.

Although I do admit that it could be an important tool for you, I would advise to include social media links so that people can actually see some of your work. Another way to show people your portfolio would be by means of flyer printing.



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