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Its a digital age, does flyers still work?

Lets face it, customers aren’t going to come to your business if they don’t know that you actually exist.

So you’ve created your office and settled in, managed to create a following on your Facebook page and even had an amazing website created for you to boost your business. Statistics still show that most people will only really notice you if they had a hard copy right in front of them. Studies show that the humans ability to concentrate and focus is actually becoming less due to the mass of advertisements on social media and the internet today.

To increase business visibility we have to use a variety of techniques to actually get noticed by clients. Using social media, websites and online media are all great tools but this doesn’t really capture offline customers at all. Offline customers could bring in a great deal of sales for you and give you a massive competitive edge over your competitors. If you want a bigger chance at success it is best to use old school as well as modern age advertising methods.

Here is a list of uses for flyers in our world of technology:

  • New business announcements
  • Business special offers and promotions
  • Word of mouth communication (Best form of advertising)

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