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Poster Printing in South Africa.

A poster can be a very effective tool to use for music events, yearly functions, product promotions and launches,

Below is a list of 4 marketing opportunities that you can use for small businesses with poster prints.

Cost Effective – Posters are relatively cheap when compared to marketing in newspapers, magazines and television. Buying posters in bulk will allow you to pay so much less for them.

Maximum Exposure – Clients will see your posters wherever they go for as long as you have them up on walls, light posts and shop fronts. Flyers and magazines have a much higher chance of landing in the bin then posters actually do which is also something to consider. When launching a new event or product be sure to hang them up in the busiest part of town to promote yourself over and over with minimum effort. Don’t forget to use quality labels for your products at events as well, you can grab some of them in our label printing department.

High Visibility – Posters can be used to hang everywhere and anywhere. My tip would be to find places that people gather quiet often such as municipal offices, coffee shops, local grocery stores and any effective areas really. due to the larger sizes try and use colorful or eye catching design to promote your business.

Together with the right marketing strategy and easy to use effective tools, LabelSA provides you with everything you need at the most affordable prices. If you haven’t made the first step at marketing your business products through print media then try our products and see how it works for you.



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